Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas Presents in Dublin Ireland

The proliferation of cross border traffic over the past few years due to the rising difference in the cost of living between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic has presented the Irish consumer with a fantastic opportunity when it comes to sourcing Christmas presents and gifts within Ireland.

By no stretch of the imagination can Irish Gourmet be considered a large company, but we are located in Northern Ireland and as a result can take advantage of All Ireland Courier rates.

The advantages of an Irish Gourmet Hamper as a Christmas Gift or present are numerous.
1) The value and quality of our hampers are the best in Europe. But don't just take our word for that, take some time to look around other companies within Europe delivering to Dublin.

2) We only do hampers as presents. Nothing else, so as a result the attention to detail and what goes in them is of absolute importance to us. A recent enquiry from England wanted us to do their Irish deliveries, but compared us to a traditional English hamper company. They counted items and weights and said we needed to do better. Unfortunately this is not our ethos. You cannot compare a Christmas Pudding baked by Ireland's Master Baker and a low cost volume brand made for the British supermarkets.

3) Sales tax in the north is 15%, whilst in the republic it is 21%. Minimum wage in the south is 50% higher than in the North.

4) Technically speaking the most Irish Hamper company in the world is Irish Gourmet. We buy organic salmon from Cork, chocolates from Galway, sweet gourmet items from Wicklow and cooked ham from Donegal. We combine with Northern Irish product likes to create a 100% Irish product, excluding the wicker basket of course.

So when you are searching for a Christmas gift to send to friends or relatives in Dublin, take a look at what has to offer and be pleasantly surprised at the low cost, high value present you will be able to send.

Irish Gourmet