Friday, November 30, 2018

Gourmet Chocolate Upgrade in Christmas Gift Baskets

Gourmet Chocolate Upgrade in Christmas Gift Baskets

Obviously, we had to tell you - the customer about this amazing deal we have got our hands on. A variety of our bigger baskets which originally contained the Triple Chocolate Indulgence have now been upgraded to The Exquisite Edition chocolates with no additional costs to you! Although many of our gift baskets have been enhanced unfortunately we can not upgrade all of the hampers containing the original product to The Exquisite Edition as the basket in which they are placed in are not big enough to fit this new humongous box. Each of the contents of our hampers are like a jigsaw puzzle, placed to fit within its basket perfectly. For this reason our bigger gift baskets and hampers have been upgraded to the bigger box of chocolates. Lets have a little look at what you were originally getting and compare it to the upgrade:

The Original - Lily O’Briens Triple Chocolate Indulgence

A variety of 3 different mouth watering layers of dark, milk and white chocolate complete this 7 piece collection of chocolates with a total weight of 108g. ‘Chocolate Trio’ A decadent chocolate layered with dark, scrumptious milk and sweet white chocolate. The next chocolate is the ‘Raspberry Supreme’ this is a a milk and dark chocolate which has been infused with raspberry topped off with a white chocolate sprinkled with raspberry pieces and the final chocolate within the trio is called the ‘Caramel Fusion’. Similar to the Raspberry Supreme the chocolate contains a dark and milk chocolate base laced with caramel pieces and topped off a caramel infused white chocolate.  Sliding this into our hampers is an easy task due to the small delicate nature of the box and has always been a welcomed treat by gift basket recipients.

The Upgrade - The Exquisite Edition

An assortment of 30 opulent chocolates with a combined weight of 300g. This array of chocolates contains exotic ingredients harvested in far off lands and simple ingredients obtained from the Irish countryside delivering a taste journey which is intended to inspire and excite. Fifteen delectable delights can be found within the Exquisite Edition from a creamy white chocolate sprinkled with delightful raspberry pieces and infused with zesty lemon to chocolates which would more traditionally be found in a box chocolates such as a roasted hazelnut praline studded with crispy wafer pieces and coated in a silky milk chocolate.  An exciting assortment of well loved traditional chocs and exciting new world additions. This is an upgrade that will leave your family jumping for joy.
As you can see from the pictures above there really is a big difference, even the packaging is more luxurious. This upgrade is amazing, there is no denying that. It is even better for you as our original price has not increased. If you have purchased one of these hampers for Christmas over the past couple of weeks and the order has not yet gone to the recipient your order will be upgraded. This offer can only last for a limited amount of time as we only have a limited number of these chocolates - once they are gone, they’re gone! Get your order in quickly to avoid disappointment.