Thursday, June 20, 2013

Irish Gourmet Supplier Focus - Ummera - Smoked Meats

One of the best selling products in our Irish Gourmet Hampers is the organic smoked salmon from Ummera Smokehouse, Timoleague, Cork.

Having just placed an order for a fresh delivery, the owner (Anthony Creswell) informed me that a new batch was being smoked that day. This got me thinking as to how the smoking process actually works.

Luckily Ummera created a video of exactly how is it done & so now I know! I thought I would share it with you too, so you can see how much effort goes into producing the best smoked salmon around.

They not only smoke salmon, but also Gravadlax, Chicken, Duck & Bacon which we stock in November and December for Christmas Hampers.

Smoking Salmon

Smoking Chicken Breasts

Smoked Meats Salad