Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mr Gourmet has a meeting tomorrow with the representatives of Frank Design, which is a fancy design company in Ireland. They are going to tell us everything that is wrong with the web-site and create a new vision for the company.

However, we have a clear direction where we want to take the Irish Gourmet website and we think customers are going to really love it. It will be like no other web site in Ireland. It will be an artistic masterpiece. It will be everything you could ever want. It will be the finest hamper company website in Northern Ireland. All we need is a little time to roll it out.

Functionality will be massively improved with new javascript shopping carts and navigational array. Alongside this, we have completely new photography.

Information wise, we'll provide all the information you need to make a purchasing decision. There will be discussions with the artisan manufacturers. We'll even compare our products to competitors within Ireland.

Basically our objective is that if you're a looking for a hamper delivered within Northern Ireland or originating from the Emerald Isle, then it will be impossible to look beyond Irish Gourmet Hampers.

In the meantime, Irish Gourmet has a summer-time slant to it. By the Autumn or Fall, it will be transformed and ready to create the Ultimate Christmas Hamper of our customers dreams.

Mr I Gourmet

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