Thursday, April 08, 2010

Irish Food Products Direct

Fair ye all,

Coming later this month in April 2010 will be the new Irish Gourmet website, which is reverting to its original guise as a showcase for Irish food products.

Its something we always wanted to do, it was our vision nearly 10 years ago to create something like this, but in the intervening period of time, we had to do dull things like build a cash flow, make a profit, establish a customer database, ship out thousands of hampers, little nuisances such as that.

We had to battle all the techological hurdles of internet bandwidth restrictions, hosting issues, overloaded servers.

Throughout this time, we would see rival companies start up and spend phenomenal amounts of money on a market, which simply wasn't big enough. Invariably the pace of change and development online has been so fast that small companies technological investment is outdated very quickly.
Other times we would gasp in astonishment at the sums of money spent on websites which were far inferior than our own small sub brands.

Anyway all is well in the world as The Irish Gourmet paced itself. This new website will be our 4th version of the site since 2004, but this is what we wanted all along and it has been acchieved in record time. This blog post marks the beginning of the design process and we expect to have the complete website in its format up and running before the end of April with the .ie site available the following week.

Categories will be:

The Weavers
The Bakery
The Butchery
The Fishmongers
The Patisserie
The Sweetie Shop
The Grocery
The Dairy
The Epicurist
The Winecellar
The Farm
The Hamper Shop

Customers will be able to select the finest artisan, gourmet food products from the shopping sections above. So you can visit the weaver and buy your basket, then visit the Bakery to add your biscuits, the patisserie for your cake, the dairy for a cheese and the epicurist for some hand made specialities.
Or you can just visit the hamper shop and choose from a wide range of our hamper styles.

Essentially this website will be so cool that if you want to buy a hamper in the UK or Ireland, then Irishgourmet will be an essential browse.

Our objective is to build and design the most user friendly Irish Hamper Website in the World.

Let us know if you agree when you're browsing in May

The Irish Gourmet


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