Monday, December 08, 2014

Irish Gourmet's Plan To #MakeChristmasEasy

Christmas shopping can be very stressful for many people. One of the main reason why we do what we do at Irish Gourmet is too make buying gifts easy and stress free. So this got us thinking that every year we #MakeChristmasEasy. If you like the idea of making your Christmas shopping easy, then read on and I will explain how in 8 simple steps (technically you will only need to follow 4 steps we will then take care of it from then on.)

1. If you require some inspiration to find that perfect gift then you should visit our Pinterest page (This step is optional)
· We have 3 specific pin boards for Christmas they include Family, Gourmet and Traditional

2. Visit the Christmas Webpage
· You can shop by type of basket or by budget (below is the different options available)

3. Precede to Checkout & Register an account with Irish Gourmet (total time spent = less than 5 mins)
You are asked to provide the following details

Your Full Name
Your Email Address
Your Country & Zip/Postal Code
Your Address & City
Your Telephone Number
A secure Password

(Remember to tick the SHIP TO ANOTHER ADDRESS box)

4. Add your chosen gift(s) to your Cart
You are asked to provide the following details
Shipping information
Shipping method
Payment method

(Remember to tick the add GIFT CARD MESSAGE box)

This is the point where you can just sit back and relax, we will take over from here.

5. Your Basket/Hamper is then packed by the Warehouse team

6. Your filled Basket/Hamper is then hand wrapped and decorated with a ribbons

7. Your finished gift Basket/Hamper is then sent out for delivery

8. Your friend or family member enjoys their gifts


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