Friday, December 14, 2018

We're Still Dispatching for Christmas Delivery - IrishGourmet

Come rain or shine we're still dispatching, however in consideration of the adverse weather we ask that if you haven't placed your order yet now is definitely the time do so, to ensure it gets to your recipient in time for Christmas.  You can see the warehouse has started to empty at this stage but we're still offering a wide variety of amazing Christmas Gift Baskets & Hampers after a replenishment of stock for our Best Selling gifts only! Some companies have set next Monday as their last date for dispatches already, our gifts are still being sent out next week.

Our warehouse is becoming less and less full.

Our warehouse may be emptying but it's still a very busy place to be and there's no time to slow down, not only do we have to fulfill orders placed well in advance for customers' selected delivery days we also have to anticipate and react to the new orders coming in on a daily basis.

We're Still Dispatching!

Some of the Gift Baskets and Hampers featured in the video included Christmas Morning, Christmas Jupiter, Xmas Celebrations Hamper and Christmas Traditional Celebration. Some of our Christmas Best Sellers have proved so popular that we had to order in more stock to continue to provide our customers with their favourites but once it's gone this time, it's gone!

Non Alcoholic and delightfully designed to contain only the best examples of a traditional Christmas Gift Basket. A popular gift solution as a great price.

Large - like it's planetary namesake - they'll be spoiled for choice when they receive this King of Baskets filled with extraordinary sweet treats and sumptuous confectionery.

It's a design we're particularly excited to launch this Christmas, as it follows our philosophy of only filling our hampers with products we'd be delighted to receive ourselves, at a price level which is psychologically important to many customers.

No Christmas Hamper has ever sold as many units as our original Christmas Traditional Celebration Gift Hamper. This is the original classic updated for 2018.

At Christmas time specified delivery dates are met on a best endeavour basis. Whilst we do our utmost to deliver on, or as close to specific dates, please be aware that delivery may take place a couple of days before or after your preferred date. This is due to the thousands of orders being processed through the system, and the delivery network.  So please ensure you place your order now with plenty of time left before Christmas.


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