Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thought the following information might be useful to our customers. It is the Consumer opinions Research Paper conducted in 2006. Source for this information is
It is a website designed to promote Agricultural Awareness in Ireland.

Two out of every five (40.2%) consumers rated quality as the most important factor when purchasing food. Price was the second most important factor (33%). Only 3% rated convenience as the most important factor for them when purchasing food.
In the eyes of consumers, the retailers (supermarkets/shops) benefit most financially from the retail price of food and the producers (farmers) benefit the least.

Four out of every five (81%) of the consumers surveyed try to buy Irish food when shopping. Women were more likely to do so than men. The older consumers (over 65 years) were also most likely to but Irish and the younger consumers (under 25 years) least likely to do so.

Some 87.3% of consumers stated that the country of origin was important, however, it was only rated as the sixth most important factor when purchasing food.

The vast majority (98.6%) of consumers favour the introduction of a 'green label' to identify food as Irish.

In the region of nine out of ten consumers consider Irish food to be of a higher quality than food produced in Eastern Europe, Asia or South America. Three quarters consider Irish food to be of a higher quality than that produced in the rest of the EU and half consider Irish food to be better than Australian and New Zealand produce. Therefore, the greatest competitor on quality in the eyes of the Irish consumer is produce from Australia and New Zealand.

Some 62.4% of consumers considered that there was not enough information provided on the labels of meat products. For those consumers who stated that there was not enough information provided, the majority wanted more details on the country of origin.·

While consumers are concerned about the price of food, a high quality product is the most important factor when they go shopping. This was evident in the fact that when given the direct choice between quality and price, consumers choose quality.

I particularly liked the thoughts of the Irish consumer regarding their perception of the quality of Irish food. The Irish consider their greatest competitor to be the two countries directly on the other side of the world. This puts them at a major logistical disadvantage. Other interesting points were the desire for a Green Irish label to denote source of the products. Personally the Irish Gourmet has found it difficult to get our producers to put their Great Taste Award Winning Stickers on their products such is their lack of time, so a Green label will probably remain on the ideas table.

The site is worth a look as it contains useful information about the quality of Irish food and if you want to comment on any of the findings then feel free to drop me a note.


The Irish Gourmet


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